New Balance make their first move ahead of the 2019/20 season, launching a fresh colour up for the Furon v5 in an eye-catching "Bayside Blue" wrap to accompany their new-generation Tekela as the brand re-shuffle their line-up ahead of the new campaign.

Inverting the next-gen Tekela’s colours for a more vibrant affair, the Furon V5 drop accents that "Bayside Blue" upper with splashes of "Deep Ozone Blue" on the ’N’ branding and through the soleplate. Likelihood is that Sadio Mane will be wearing this colourway of the Furon when he’s recovered from the AFCON and enjoyed his long weekend off before the season starts. Not the most ideal colourway for a red, but far enough away from Everton blue that he should be alright.


Naturally this pack will be headlined by the Tekela but the Furon v5 is still New Balance's dominant silo when it comes to on-pitch presence from their assembled squad of contracted professional players. This is low-key one of the hottest paint jobs we've seen on the lightweight speed silo too. A strong start to the 2018/19 campaign for the brand as they further consolidate themselves as a key player in the football product market. It also drops in a leather version if you're interested.


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