This is sophisticated football right here. This is feet-up-in-the-executive-box, suit on, sipping wine and gambling with Chinese businessmen football here. Yeah, the Diadora Baggio 2003 boots are pure luxury, the most seductive form of footballing nostalgia.

Layered in the most premium of leather uppers, this is a boot that pays tribute to the career of Italian legend Roberto Baggio. The type of white boot that, at the time, could only be pulled off by skilful Italians with majestically conditioned ponytails. A stylised design that features personalised detailing throughout, the Diadora Baggio 03 Italy OG takes things back to the 2003/04 season when Roberto was playing for Serie A club Brescia.


The premium aesthetic is backed up by the most thorough of processes. Each boot is lovingly hand crafted in Diadora's historic Montebelluna factory in Veneto, Italy. This ain't just one for the mantelpiece though, absolutely not. The k-leather upper uses a hydro technical microfibre to keep the boots waterproof, unlike old school leather options that would double in weight in the rain. Oh, and they look even smarter in the Firm Ground soleplate option.

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