Icons colliding on Carnaby Street. Pro-Direct LDN19 hosted Roberto Baggio as Diadora launched the 'Match Winner Italy', a signature boot for a player who inspired a generation.

Few players personify an era of football than that of Roberto Baggio. Demonstrating the power of his name and the rich footballing emotions that roll with it, LDN19 was given a Diadora makeover with Baggio front and centre.

Diadora too, are a brand with a stylised and lasting legacy. Symbols of heritage with boots that popped in the nineties, their resurgence has been delivered with affectionate touches as they look to build on that leather finish and tailored approach that has held them in high esteem for so many years.

A rock star of his time who thought and played the game in his own way, Roberto Baggio took time to speak to a crowd of fans before answering questions from Football Italia's James Richardson. The event gave a unique insight into the mind of a man who has transcended generations.

Diadora Match Winner Italy

The Diadora Match Winner returns with fluo flair, a leather finish, embroidered touches and nod to the past. Staying true to who they are while stamping style into the present, there's best in class written all over.

Photography by Elliott Wilcox for SoccerBible.