Coinciding with the launch of the new Netflix documentary “Il Divin Codino”, which celebrates the 22-year-long career of football legend Roberto Baggio, Italian sportswear brand Diadora will be launching a five-piece capsule collection dedicated to the FIFA 1994 USA World Cup and to celebrate Roberto’s career long Diadora ambassadorship.

He was the player of a generation, instantly recognisable for those unique flowing locks – that divine ponytail – so much so that it became the monicker by which he would forever be known, following him, even after he had cut it off in 1997 following his move to Bologna. Yes, “Il Divin Codino” was a player like no other, gracing the game with an easy style that has never been replicated. The success that he found, along with the iconic status that has rightly been bestowed upon him, has all come with Diadora on his feet.

See, Diadora and Baggio are synonymous with one another, so much so that the talismanic striker served as a brand ambassador throughout his 22-year career. It’s something the Italian brand will never forget, and to celebrate the special relationship, and coinciding with the new “Il Divin Codino” Netflix documentary, Diadora has launched a five-piece capsule collection dedicated to one of the most defining moments of Baggio’s career: the 1994 USA World Cup.

Make no mistake about it, this collection is an unabashed rush of pure nostalgia, bringing the most memorable 90s moments – in which Baggio captured the imagination of people across the globe – back to full, vibrant life. The ’94 World Cup was a crescendo of football culture at that time. Hosted in a burgeoning footballing community that was about to give birth to Major League Soccer, and filled with bright, bold and baggy design influences, it was a glorious moment in what is an era that’s now very much in vogue. And at its centre, the poster boy that encapsulated the occasion, was Roberto Baggio: the epitome of Italian cool.

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So the collection brings back to life the most memorable 1990s moments in which Italy’s "Divin Codino" captured the imagination of people across the globe. Included in the limited edition collection is the Track Jacket USA 94, which takes on a contemporary twist in polycotton fabric and with Diadora logo and embroidered Italian flag patch (in place of the original FIGC crest), while the same patch is also embroidered on the Polo SS USA 94, which is made from a tech fabric with all over print. 

The Polo SS USA 94 Training replicates the original print and the Diadora IP logos, in fine embroidery form as in the OG version. Finally, the Intrepid OG trainers – worn by some of the greatest sport champions - makes a resurgence from the 1980s with a 1994 variant with new “vibrassorb” inserts and “impact control” system which maximise cushioning and enhance foot movement support.

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