Nothing quite says suave like the Diadora Match Winner. A reworked classic that sweeps aside any simple throwbacks, it's like someone took Roberto Baggio's pony tale, sent it home for supper and came back to the table with a contemporary do that has class written all over.

With a nod to the man himself through an embroidered signature, the Diador Match Winner Italy OG personifies those maverick like tendencies of a player like Roberto Baggio. Stepping out into today's game, these are in every sense head turners for a new era where style is everything. 

A "Corsair" sole and matching Diadora logo add another tone of colour into the equation. Furthermore, if you're bold enough to lace up in leather white boots, then you may as well add some punching red laces, into the mix. On paper, it sounds like a mad match up but visually, it works. Pure chemistry.

When you think about Italian culture and the football the nation has served up, they personify greatness. Baggio is one of those who left a lasting mark on the game and he had the ability to talk with his feet as well as his look. Throwing things back to an '1994' OG era, these boots champion that energy whilst their reworked makeover puts them sipping on their fair share of innovation.

Pops off colour from the tongue to the heel and a tearaway finish embroidered with the number '10'. These are straight up singers that do things their own way and a mark of a man who did things differently. For the mantle piece or for Monday night under the lights, you'd be lying if you didn't want to hold them.

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