Mastering in metallic moves, adidas launch the ACE 17.1 "Magnetic Control" boot as the latest addition to their Limited Collection. Shimmering in silver with a design fitting to its limited edition tag, it's a boot that paints four white lines around a magnetic field of football.

Landing alongside the adidas X 17.1 "Pure Stealth" drop, the "Magnetic Control" ACE 17.1 is wrapped in a metallic coat of creativity as adidas reach for the limited edition brushes ahead of the 2017/18 season. The adidas Limited Collection has been producing disruptive diamonds for the past couple of seasons, and adidas have no plans of drawing the curtains on their most random and prestigious creations just yet.

A chrome-metallic soleplate ensures the ACE 17.1 "Magnetic Control" is built up from the bottom with class, and up top you've got that silver styling with graphic flashes of purple as the boot is in motion. Tonal logos bring the exterior to a crisp finish, but inside the boots there's a party of colour. The left boot is flooded in red and the right in blue.

As with the adidas X 17.1 "Pure Stealth" and the rest of the Limited Collection, the ACE 17.1 "Magnetic Control" edition won't be supplied to adidas' contracted professional players, so don't expect to see much of these on pitch. Although you can quite literally see yourself in them, they're that damn shiny.

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