Throwing things down in brown. The X 17.1 "Pure Stealth" is introduced to the adidas Limited Collection family, sits everyone down, and talks about the good old days. The most original of footballing colourways makes a comeback in limited edition style as adidas drop more disruptive game.

Following on from the launch of the "Magnetic Storm" pack, adidas work up another chapter of creative flair with a duo of X and ACE 17.1 designs, both arriving with unique aesthetics. Two designs with contrasting styles, it's the X 17.1 "Pure Stealth" that digs deepest into the boot archive by dressing itself in a colourway associated with the first ever studded football boots. One of adidas' most advanced boots disguised as one of its oldest, there's something quite beautiful in that.

But, yeah, it's still brown. Well "Trace Olive" if you're being picky. It ain't gonna be to everyone's taste but that's the beauty of the adidas Limited Collection. It's a platform to be experimental away from the on-pith colourways. Tech-wise the boot is untouched, with adidas opting to drop the collection in 17.1 versions rather than their top end 17+ editions. Special mention for that golden soleplate too, well worthy of a Limited Collection slot.

Goes without saying, but the adidas X 17.1 "Pure Stealth" will not feature on the feet of adidas' contracted professional players, but that only adds to its desirability. Brown and gold, with vibes of a luxurious collaboration. All a bit Mulberry init? Didn't see this one coming.

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