The Mizuno Morelia Neo silo stretches into a sixth year as the Japanese brand kick off 2017 with a "Mazarine Blue" colour update on their second-generation boot.

The original Morelia Neo silo was launched in 2011 and has remained relatively untouched since then. Seen by many as the boot that started the lightweight leather movement, the Mizuno Morelia Neo is a testament to Mizuno's quality in the fact that they believe the concept they created half a decade ago is still relevant right now. Other brands have seen drastic overhauls in that time in a bid to upgrade their boot arsenals, but Mizuno don't just do change for the sake of it.

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The gradient shift of blues sit on top of that super-soft kangaroo leather upper, with green stud tips and heel detailing providing the finishing touches. It's 170g of leathered speed. The Mizuno Morelia Neo is one of the longest serving football boots on the market, and for good reason too. A veteran frontman with pace still left in his legs.

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