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Kyle Walker-Peters Switches Into adidas Glitch

If there's one thing adidas have in abundance at present it's momentum. The Three Stripes have been seriously noisy this season, building on an epic 2015/16 season. Their latest project packs an element of mystery as the adidas Glitch continues to be drip fed into the professional game.

Adidas would be forgiven for dropping Glitch and sticking it on the feet of their top billboard players, Bale, Suarez, Costa etc. But that's not what Glitch is about. Sneaky previews and jagged launches – that's more Glitch-like. The adidas Glitch takes on a disruptive role for the brand as they target a younger generation of players to front their innovative concept. First Chelsea's Charlie Colkett, on loan to Bristol Rovers, switched into the Glitch and now Tottenham youngster Kyle Walker-Peters has been hand selected by the Three Stripes to become part of the Glitch squad.

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The switch to Glitch will be taken on by a number of young adidas professionals in the next week as adidas reset the way a traditional boot launch would play out. A group of young footballers from across London have been picked by adidas to unveil GLITCH in a style that matches the edgy adaptability of the product itself.

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The all white adidas Glitch football boots that Walker-Peters wore against Manchester United Development Squad is built with a two-piece interchangeable construction, made of an inner shoe and outer skin. It's a modern day F50 T-unit in many ways, although simpler to construct with more complication innovation. GLITCH has taken the most successful adidas football technologies, including a laceless upper and transformed them into a new football experience. 

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Not to take the limelight away from the lead on-pitch ACE and X, adidas have launched Glitch in a new strategy and with a disruptive level of cool. In the weeks to come adidas will begin to make it easier for players to get their hands on a pair, but in the mean time this is how you can get involved.

Stay tuned to SoccerBible as we bring you more official information on the adidas Glitch throughout the week.


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