Its a COPA but not as we know it. A football original re-imagined in a streamlined design and modern colourway – this is the COPA 17. Kicking off the adidas 'Red Limit' collection, the COPA 17 is wrapped in a colourway that will also appear on upcoming releases of other adidas silos.

The much loved DNA of the Copa is still present as adidas remix the boot with their latest innovations to make it, well, more modern, lighter and more practical. Sitting under the adidas Limited Collection but without the premium price tag, the COPA 17 is built with a k-leather upper, compression tongue and SprintFrame outsole. Undeniable upgrades that clearly improve the performance of the COPA. Putting nostalgia aside, in simplistic terms, this is a better football boot that the original Copa Mundial, no matter how hard it is to admit it.

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The COPA 17 isn't going to arrive without an immediate bout of controversy. Of course, the famed Copa Mundial has long been the go to boot for traditionalists who have become loyal to its trademark black and white design, but this is 2016 and things ain't all black and white no more. Leather editions of the X and ACE do exist, but the COPA tag isn't something adidas just slap on any old product – the tag must be represented by quality, and adidas have ensured the COPA 17 has it in abundance.

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Street versions have also dropped as part of a wider COPA 17 collection to complete a new era for the COPA series that has remained relatively untouched for generations. Fear not, this doesn't mark the end of the Copa Mundial, the COPA 17 is a stand-alone silo, giving players a modern alternative to heavier, tongue-ier original. Red Limit begins, and it's about to get a whole lot redder.

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