Taking another step back to their first generation Gloro after a 'Speed of Light' takeover on the second-gen, adidas have given their tongued 15.1 silo a black update that contains the 'Speed of Light' trio in the stripes.

The 15.1 and 16.1 Gloro generations have been used intermittently by adidas as they've opted to supply the silo in both a fold-over tongue and standard editions. The 16.1 delivered a trimmed down version of the heritage boot but due to the popularity of the classic elasticated tongue adidas have continued to drop colour updates on their first Gloro boot, and that's absolutely fine with us.

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The market continues to have a huge hole in its heart for classically styled boots and the Gloro 15.1, especially in black, goes someway to heal that pain. The hunt for a great leather boot has never (and will never) stop. The adidas Gloro 15.1 is a beautifully simplistic football boot that makes you question the need for rapid and advanced technology improvements in football footwear. Plus, everyone loves a bit of tongue, right?

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