A blast of football nostalgia. That's what adidas have produced with the Gloro 15.1, with its elasticated fold-over tongue, simplistic colourway and leather upper creating a sense of modern heritage. Whisper it quietly, but it's all very, well... Predator-esque.

It's never a bad thing when your first impression of a boot is influenced by shades of 2004 Predator Pulse and that's the vibe that is captured with the "Black/Red" adidas Gloro 15.1. Wrapped in a colourway so synonymous with famous adidas football boots of decades past, the Gloro 15.1 is drenched in tradition that will no doubt please the 'Bring Back Tongue' brigade.

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Of course, as football progresses the product must follow, and new materials that are lighter, more durable and more specific have been engineered by innovators to take football footwear to the next level. Appreciating that there will always be a place for classic leather football boots, adidas have hung on to one of their strongest chapters of design to deliver a boot that is not just beautiful aesthetically but equipped for the modern game with its own set of lightweight advancements.

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With the Gloro 15.1 it all comes down to that one timeless feature – the tongue. A trademark of late 90's early 00's football, the further its pulled down the better for us. Beckham free kicks, oversized kits, stud screwdrivers and wrap around laces, it's all coming back. The perfect uniform for the modern old-school player. 

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