Completing the new "Shock Blue" adidas ACE 16.1 collection is the heritage heralded k-leather edition. Comfort at the forethought of design, the ACE 16.1 Leather lands to wrap up one of the most diverse silos on the market.

With adidas opting to cut their silos to just two choices, the ACE has taken on the role of both the Predator and 11Pro in many ways to ease players into the new worlds of Chaos and Control. The synthetic version offers the shooting and control technology and the k-leather provides that traditional feel and comfort to leave no player out in the cold when it comes to personal preference.

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Whereas the ACE 16+ Purecontrol provides cutting edge laceless technology, the 16.1 Primeknit offering collared technology and the Synthetic delivering added grip on the ball, the ACE 16.1 Leather is for the purist, just beautiful, comfortable leather that provides the basis for the player to make their own luck. Heritage boots were once clumpy and heavy but the ACE 16.1 leads a new era of modern tradition, so leather enthusiasts can compete at the highest level.

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As long as there's grass on the pitch, nets on the goals and a ball on the centre spot, they'll be leather football boots. It's as simple as that, and the "Shock Blue" ACE 16.1 looks as supple and soft as it should.

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