Mizuno are ending the year strongly by launching their fourth-generation Wave Ignitus boot. Tweaked and twisted to freshen up the collection the Ignitus' DNA remains the same - shoot on sight.

Since the retirement of the adidas Predator and the Nike T90 series the popularity of the Wave Ignitus has rapidly increased due to the emphasis put on the shooting technology by the brand. If David Beckham was restarting his career right now, and adidas hadn't thrown thousands of pounds at him, he'd wear the Wave Ignitus - it's the key boot left on the market built for spin, dip and swerve for the man on free kick duty.

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The fourth generation boot takes over from an edition that lasted over two years and adds slight upgrades to equip Mizuno with a next-level design. A bio-panel area (the ridged black part) dominates the main striking area of the boot to enhance top-spin and side-spin, and a no-spin area, which replaces the 'Tatekaiten vamp panel', sits just above and is built with shock-absorbing foam to take the spin out of the shot to help the ball dip and move in the air.

Weapons indeed. Mizuno's soft Primeskin material makes up the upper with 'R-Fiber Control' providing the comfort. Launched in black and white too, what's Japanese for 'you beauty'? Now excuse us while we lace up, find a ball and smash seven shades of Danny Shittu out of the neighbours fence. 'Av it.

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