Arriving in swathes of tradition and heritage, all wrapped up in a neat K-leather package, Mizuno launch their latest ‘Made in Japan’ collection, which sees the Rebula 2 V1, Morelia Neo II and Morelia II paying homage to the boot that set the Japanese brand on the course they’re on today: the Wave Cup.

The Wave Cup Legend was re-released by Mizuno earlier this month, and as if they didn’t think that was enough to honour Rivaldo’s stunning boots from the 2002 World Cup, Mizuno have decked out their premium trio in the same white, blue and yellow colourway that stood out so effectively 16 years ago.


There’s just something about a white leather boot that makes it look premium straight out of the box, and when you combine that with what Mizuno are all about, well, it doesn’t take a genius to figure that you’re on to a good thing.

The difference, according to Mizuno, between good and great is attention to detail. That statement forms the basis of everything they do. We’re talking about every boot in the ‘Made in Japan’ collection being expertly made by hand, by skilled artisans who scrutinise every detail at every stage. 


For this latest homage-filled look, the Rebula opts for a slightly darker shade of blue on its Runbird logo, tongue and heel than the Wave Cup featured, instantly providing it with a more modern and defined look. The K-leather CT-frame is accentuated by the core white of the boot, adding some real definition to the seamless forefoot.


The Morelia II and Morelia Neo II stick to the same shade of blue as the Wave Cup, with the tongue of the Morelia Neo really showing the similarities between it and the 2002 original. The Neo II pulls the blue colourway from the soleplate up into the heel cup, adding to the ‘modern update’ feel when compared to the standard Morelia II.

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