Looking back on a killer weekend in Berlin with adidas Football we're taking an extended look at our additional imagery shot at 'The Base' as the 2015 Champions League Final rolled into town to kick off an adidas Football revolution.

Following on from our Berlin Base Film we've gone behind the scenes at the adidas hub in the heart of the German capital to see how it went down as Barcelona basked in European glory. DJ sets including Drunken Masters blew the roof off the venue on Friday night while Zidane, Özil and Herrera took on some of the world's top freestlyers in an exhibition of world class talent. Bringing the house down in an colossal Champions League Final party adidas hosted a screening of the game with an after party that matched the intensity of the day before submitting to sunrise to round off a whirlwind 48 hours.

What did you think of ACE15 & X15 after seeing them on pitch? Drop us a comment below.