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adidas Launch 'The Base' Moscow

In bringing the three striped lifestyle to a rooftop in Moscow, adidas have launched a fresh footprint of football inspired space in the Russian capital. 'The Base' Moscow, is another expansion that looks to lock down on and off the pitch culture. Styling out the game in the process, the view is panoramic and played out at pace.

This latest 'Base' packs plenty of unquestioned ACE. Rooftop pitches make for pretty spectacular places to play the game and adidas have re-worked this skyscraping spot in Moscow to do just that. Small-sided to 2v2 and 1v1, it's about honing sharp skill and quick, on point thinking.

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Delivery designed and tagged all over, this Base is another step change as the brand expand into ever experiential places. Kicking things off in Berlin almost a year ago, the 'Base' concept has traveled across the globe, each one taking on a style and concept of its own.

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In Moscow, with the decks in place, it's in an unrivalled vantage point for any fan to take in this summer's football offering. A soundtrack to the spectacle and a sight like no other, while things may unfold in Paris, they'll be played out in their own style in Moscow. An almighty offering from the three-striped kings of football cool, there's space for the X thinker, a playground for the ACE creator. Time to take the elevator, football is moving to fresh heights. Lace on up.


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