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Marco Müller | adidas Revolution Interview

In amongst the madness of the adidas Berlin Base and on the morning of the Champions League Final we caught up with Senior Product Manager Marco Müller to talk about his role in the adidas Football revolution ahead of X and ACE making their on-pitch debut in the German capital.

Marco and his team were tasked with re-designing the adidas football footwear collection and embarked on a long journey towards X and ACE, two products that are redefining the market of boot design. Marco explained the process of going from initial sketches, to prototypes, to final product as well how managers such as Jose Mourinho and Pep Guardiola influenced the concept of Chaos and Control. Speaking a matter of hours before ACE and X made their first bow on the biggest stage possible Marco talked us through his early sketches, the decision to end all four adidas silos and what the players thought of the change.

See our extended image gallery from the adidas Berlin Base here.


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