Let's face it, a boot with this much going on needs a closer look. The latest adidas assault on 2015 dropped in the form of the "Love/Hate" F50, with more ink on its body than an 18-year-old footballer tweeting about cheeky trips to Nandos, Drake and 'decent banter'.

Playing on the #therewillbehaters campaign the F50 splits its design as well as opinions. Visually it's a work of art, and a design that's well worthy of a second look, even if it's just to fully appreciate what's going down on the busy graphics. The right boot is labelled as the “Hate” boot, with a fitting skull and other features that signify strength, power, and hatred. The left boot spreads the "Love" with an abundance of bright colors and roses. Love them? adidas are happy. Hate them? adidas are even happier. Can't decide? Then it's job done.

A limited run of 1,500 pairs will be released globally and feature all the standard F50 technology under that pimped up bonnet.

The limited edition adidas adizero f50 Tattoo Pack boots are available from Monday 9th March at specialist retailers worldwide including Pro-Direct Soccer. What's the verdict?