As Euro 2016 creeps ever closer, the excitement is starting to simmer. With our pile of swaps becoming stacked higher by the day, there's a wealth of border crossing football just around the bend. Celebrating a combined support for Italy and the wonder that is tattoo art, designer Joseph Panto reimagined the crests from Group E in a pretty marvellous fashion.

Rooting for The Azzurri, Joseph explains how a recent influence of traditional tattoo art led to this personal project which was more of an expression of support. Lending the tattoo style he described the project, "In order to push this look and feel a little further, I replaced the typeface's of each badge with a classic Sailor Jerry font, popular in this style of tattoo. I found shifting the colour from a solid black to an 80-90% tint with the cream background also gave it that added texture."

Some description

Taking the colour of each team's national shirt for the tournament, the results are casually cool and give an alternative look at the crests and badges so wholly iconic. Starting with Italy and working through the rest of their opponents in Group E (Belgium, Republic of Ireland and Sweden), it's a subtly beautiful piece of work. Now for the rest eh Joe? We want more.

You can see more work by Joseph Panto, here.