The three stripes throw some serious weight behind their #therewillbehaters campaign with a boot that will certainly have a mass of voices either loving or hating it.

Adidas have woken the world up with a totally unexpected release this morning. With the “Black Pack” still hot conversation and with people still fawning over the the new adidas Gloro line-up, the three stripes have decided to throw some serious weight behind their #therewillbehaters campaign with a boot that looks like it could be an Ed Hardy collaboration. Enter the adidas adizero f50 Tattoo Pack...perfectly named the “Love/Hate” f50.

One look at the adidas adizero f50 Tattoo Pack and there's no doubting which side of the fence you fall on. On the right, adidas has delved fully into their current marketing campaign by labeling this as the “Hate” boot. According to adidas, the skull and other intricate design work signifies “strength, power, and hatred.” Sure, the Nike Hypervenom may have slapped a skull on a boot before, but adidas have turned their homage to the bare cranium up to 11.

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On the left side of the adidas adizero f50 Tattoo Pack, we see the “Love” boot. From the impressively detailed design work involving bright colors, roses, and some other (odd) additions, this boot is designed to represent a player’s love for the game. While there will certainly be those who have little love for the way this boot looks, make no mistake about it...that's exactly the type of reaction adidas are looking for with this extremely unique release.

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Launched as a limited release (1,500 pairs globally) the unique f50 still comes with a complete HyrbidTouch upper, 3D dribbletex technology, and the completely redesigned soleplate, but that is where the similarities end. 

The limited edition adidas adizero f50 Tattoo Pack boots are available from Monday 9th March at specialist retailers worldwide including Pro-Direct Soccer. So, love or hate them?