Lotto launch an updated skin for their reflective boot, with the Stadio Solista IV not able to resist the fluorescent blue paintbrush.

Lotto always look for gaps in the market, however small those gaps may be. The big boys are taking notice of Lotto's innovatoins and in recent years we've been given reflective designs on the adidas 'Enlightened Pack' and Nike 'Flash Pack'. In June 2013 Lotto released the world's first fully reflective football boot - the Lotto Solista - and now they're back with an updated and fourth generation of the Solista, equipped with a new set of graphics displayed on the upper and joined by a new stud pattern.

Some description

In normal light the boots appear grey but under the floodlights or camera flash in this case, they transform into a bright silver design. The Solista IV is built from a single, one-piece microfibre upper, with the addition of smear reflectors for that added special effect. The boot also features a microfibre lining, removable EVA insole and a microfibre tongue with padded central reinforcements to cushion the ball’s impact on the instep.

The new Lotto Stadio Solista IV “Silver/Fluorescent Blue” is available at selected online stockists including Pro-Direct Soccer. Feelin' it? Drop us a line below.