The massive stature of Luca Toni on the pitch is only dwarfed by his place in the history of the game. With that in mind, Lotto have rewarded the goal-scoring Italian with another signature Stadio Potenza boot.

Luca Toni is a player that may not be getting the praise and admiration that he deserves. A dominating 6' 4" striker, capable of bullet headers and clinical finishing... with accolades and accomplishments to spare, it's only fitting that Lotto honor their star man for a second time. In a gorgeous Red War/Yellow Saphire combo and emblazoned with the striker’s name on the heel of each boot, there's no missing the Luca Toni 300. In the same vein as Luca’s 10+ signature Potenza, the Lotto boot is a perfect homage to the Italian hero.

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While 300 of the boots are being made, only 49 are actually available for purchase. While one pair goes to the main man himself, the other 250 pairs are being donated to a move created to get more 6 to 11 year olds involved in the game. The “Dote InMovimento” or “Giving in Motion” campaign is working with kids in the Vento region of Italy by giving them an opportunity to play the game in a fun, welcoming environment. “By giving young footballers the chance to play in the boots of their hero, Lotto and Luca aren’t just donating footwear, they’re starting dreams.” Amen to that, Lotto.

The Lotto Stadio Potenza Luca Toni 300 is available exclusively at Pro-Direct Soccer. What you saying? Drop your comments below.