Getting the paperwork complete just before the transfer window slammed shut, Lotto unveil their new signing, the Maestro 100 IV, and it’s been paired up with a new colourway for the laceless Solista 100 III Gravity in what is a new strike partnership for the Italian brand.

Lotto have a great deal of heritage in the game, and they do traditional very well. More recently though, the Italian brand has been shifting its attention to competing in the modern game, introducing a newly revamped Solista to the world back in 2019, which was available without laces. Not a new move for them – they were, in fact, the first brand to actually go laceless, way back in 2006. But this was a marked move away from tradition, with a focus firmly on performance. And that move now continues with the unveiling of the next generation of the Maestro, which will sit alongside the new Solista in a new-look Lotto line-up.

lotto 6-min.jpg
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Continuing the Maestro line, the Mark IV debuts in a bold “Safety Yellow/Black” colourway that’s not going to be easy to miss – sort of the point though. While the Solista is aimed at the speed players in the game, the Maestro line has has always been about control, and that’s not changed here. The boot aims to improve touch and feel on the ball, as well as the overall fit and comfort, and to achieve this the popular Control-Fit 3D knit upper seen on previous generations returns, and it has been reshaped to provide a truly anatomical fit. At the heel, a new ADAPTO system element with a more stretched knit allows the rear section of the boot to adapt to the shape of your foot, helping to prevent the micro-traumas that can cause damage to tendons.

And it doesn’t stop there; Lotto amp up the innovations. Underfoot, a new BFC (Biomechanical Foot Control) pebax insert utilises variable stiffness to provide maximum stability and a natural running motion, while a co-injected midfoot shank stops unwanted twisting. Add these elements to the embossed texturing in the vamp for enhanced touch and sensitivity, and you can see how this is a radical overhaul for the line.

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And the Maestro is backed up by a fresh new “Atlantic Deep/Spring Green/Hydro Green” paint job for the Solista 100 III Gravity. Nothing new tech-wise, so you can still expect to find the seamless one-piece upper that keeps weight to a minimum, with the knit-elastic mesh that wraps around the foot for a locked-in, almost air-tight sensation.

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