Lotto land a third colourway of the world's first totally reflective football boot with the launch of the Reef Silver/ Fluorescent Fanta Solista III.

As you flick through our photography you'll notice that it contains both dark and lighter versions of the boots. The dark versions are how the boots normally look and the lighter versions are how they look when the camera's flash is on. Got it? Good.

For a smaller footballing brand such as Lotto they have to be different to stand out. The Italians produced the first ever laceless boot, the Zhero Gravity, and in June last year they supplied the first completely reflective football boot, the Solista. Worn by Sevilla's Coke in the Europa League Final, the boot is designed to rebound light from cameras and stadium floodlights to create a unique visual effect on pitch.

Are they the world's first reflective football boots because it's simply not a good idea or is it because it genuinely is innovative? Your call. The boots don't look reflective in normal light, as you can see, so the only time you'll see the reflective aspect on pitch is at night. Suppose you could always stick 'em to the handlebars of your bike for the ride home after training.

The Lotto Solista III boots will be available from June 1st. What do you think of the Lotto Solista III football boots? Let us know. Drop your thoughts in the comments.