Lotto complete their Summer 2014 boot line up by dropping a fifth generation of their traditional Potenza boot.

The Potenza joins the recently released Solista and Zhero Gravity as the brand roll out their boots for their contracted players to wear on pitch. Lotto players are harder to come by these day but the brand still has a presence on pitch so keep a look out as you watch the World Cup.

Lotto's biggest player up-take was in the 90's and early 00's when the logo could be spotted all over Serie A. Nowadays the boots are worn by a handful of pros and the Potenza V is the brand's heritage styled silo aimed at players who seek a comfortable upper.

Lotto have added rubber strips on the forefoot of the boot for increased friction when striking the ball. This is the first time a technology of this sort has been placed on the Potenza silo as the Italian brand look to install a sense of modernity on the boot.

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