Taking a classic and revamping it to meet the demands of the modern game, Lotto launch the Stadio 100 II, which sees a traditional K-leather vamp combined with a knit sleeve and rear foot for a combination for premium touch on the ball and lightweight comfort on the foot. Available with either a black or white forefoot, the Stadio II still boasts all of the DNA of the OG, but with that little bit extra.

Few boots can lay claim to being true classics, but the OG Lotto Stadio is one of those, and so it was welcomed back with open arms when it was rereleased recently. It’s hard to beat the classic aesthetics of the original, but Lotto, like many brands, are aware of the demands of the modern game, and while many will have been thrilled to see the return of the original, there will equally have been others who want something more. And for those, the Italian brand have created the Stadio II.

Lotto 9-min.jpg

The Stadio II continues the tradition of using premium K-leather, only here it is reserved for the forefoot, where a stitchless, ribbed construction provides a classic feel and touch on the ball. The leather is then  combined with a new Thermomoulded knit sleeve and insock, which offers a snug comfort and feel on the foot, while keeping the overall weight down, an essential quality in any modern boot. The stability is increased thanks to the external heel cup, which wraps up from the lightweight and flexible soleplate. The soleplate itself is not without improvements, boasting PuntoFlex technology to enhance the flexibility and reactivity on the pitch.

Still carrying the classic DNA of the OG, but enhanced for the modern game, the Lotto Stadio II is available with either a white or black leather forefoot, both of which are combined with the classic Spring Green that’s synonymous with the Stadio.

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Pick up the Lotto Stadio 100 II at prodirectsoccer.com