Thirteen years after the brand created the world's first ever laceless football boot Lotto are back in the mix to claim what is theirs with the launch of the Solista 100 III Gravity. Lotto were well ahead of the game back in 2006 with the Zhero Gravity silo, and now it's time for the brand stop watching others eat their cake and take a slice of their own.

Football boot innovation has progressed rapidly since the Zhero Gravity first shook the market with its alien aesthetic back in 2006, with numerous brands having more recently developed laceless boots through knitted technology. You could accuse Lotto of kick starting the trend before waiting to see how other brands would improve the concept then jumping back on it, but that would be unfair. The Solista 100 III Gravity has its own identity and a streamlined silhouette that looks ultra sharp.


Lotto have used a seamless one-piece upper to keep weight to a minimum while the knit-elastic mesh wraps around the foot for a locked-in, almost air-tight sensation. On first impressions, to us anyway, it looks like a speed version of the adidas ACE series with its sleek and laceless design, and that is most definitely a compliment.

A foil overlay works with the mid-collared upper to provide the comfort and stability that you would expect from top level laceless boots, and a special design and emboss finish on the upper provides a little bit of added ball control. The new outsole uses PuntoFlex in the forefoot to provide flexibility and reactivity, and it's kept lightweight by reducing the thickness of the design. The heel counter makes the boot look the litter bit sharper and is specially designed to provide increased stability and support.

Overall, it's a strong return for the original creators of the laceless boot market. Thirteen years is a long time in football, and Lotto have bided their time, learnt from progression and delivered a design that continues their laceless legacy in style. 


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