The Lotto Stadio is one of those iconic boots that has withstood the test of time, existing as a premium K-leather option, with the ultimate hallmark of quality that is ‘Made in Italy’. And now it’s presented in a pristine whiteout look, wrapping the classic in nothing but premium vibes.

Lotto were one of the dominant forces in European football throughout the 80s, 90s and early 00s and the Stadio was their showpiece boot. Worn by legendary players such as Andriy Shevchenko, Paul Gascoigne, Laurent Blanc, Gheorghe Hagi, Cafu, and Clarence Seedorf it was present on every pitch in every big occasion, recognisable for its trademark black look with popping green accents. But here it’s been stripped of colour, landing in a complementing contrast to the blackout edition that was released late last year.

lotto 5-min.jpg
lotto 4-min.jpg

The Stadio, in its most recognisable black with green guise, enjoyed a rerelease last year, but now Lotto once again strip the colour for a pristine and premium feel. In fact, the only visible hint of colour when the classic tongue is folded down comes courtesy of the Italian tricolour sign-off on the collar. It’s a mark of the quality of the boot and a callout to the fact that this is no standard variation – this is a Made in Italy boot, and that’s a mark of the quality.

Flip the tongue up and you can see further evidence of the origin of the boot, with the “Made in Italy” wording appearing below the only other flash of colour, the classic “Stadio” badge. The K-leather construction looks all the more supple and sumptuous and with the lack of colouring to distract, all attention is laid fully upon it. And rightly so. This is a stunning execution that fully earns the authentic, traditional and classic tags. 

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