Power Football Boots - adidas Predator Touch 1996 - 29/09/09


      Continuing our countdown of Predator football boots we arrive at 1996, when adidas released the Predator Touch football boots the next addition to their Predator range. By 1996 the adidas Predator football boots had been available for over two years, and were making quite a name for themselves on pitches around the world!
The adidas Predator Touch football boots introduced the Predator's distinctive red tongue, which was elongated so it could fold and cover the laces, to enlarge the striking zone.
      For the Predator Touch football boots, adidas became more creative with the design and positioning of their rubber fins. Instead of covering the entire forefoot area, the fins were divided into panels specially aligned for improved boot-to-ball contact. Which was further enhanced by the rubber material continuing up alongside the laces, and either side of the new lace-cover.
      With the fins concentrated in the forefoot area and reduced in size, adidas were able to increase the amount of kangaroo leather used in engineering the boot upper. This improved the comfort and fit of the football boots, but more importantly the ball feel, control and touch.
      The sole-plate of the adidas Predator Touch football boots featured a new Traxion system for the firm ground versions. For the first time the studs were re-shaped and re-positioned to give less resistance when players ran, but greater grip when turning.
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