Completing the club’s set for the 23/24 season, Kappa have revealed the new Spezia Calcio KOMBAT Pro third shirt, which pays homage to the history of La Spezia and the club’s bond with the city through a stylised tone-on-tone lighthouse graphic.

Kappa have been in a rich vein of form when it comes to their kit designs for the 23/24 season, dropping hit after beautiful hit. One of the clubs to have benefitted from this elevated aesthetic output has been Serie B side, Spezia Calcio, who have already received strikingly opposing home and away shirts, and now you can add the club’s new third shirt to that mix. The red strip not only looks the part, it also ties in to the history of La Spezia and the club’s bond with the city through a stylised tone-on-tone lighthouse graphic for what is a properly bespoke and unique look.

The La Spezia lighthouse is recognised as a symbol of the city, and the new Spezia Calcio 23/24 KOMBAT Pro third shirt design features features it prominently, paying homage to the club’s connection to its home city. The red tone-on-tone graphic that repeats throughout the body creates a unique and distinctive optical effect. It serves to frame the new logo of the club, which appears in white alongside the branding and sponsor, as well as the tricolor of the 1944 Scudetto, a reference to the past of Spezia Calcio, which embellishes the black collar in its centre.

The phrase “Non siete soli” (You are not alone) is applied to the insert on the back of the neck, while Paolo Ponzo's historic phrase is present on the inside of the collar: “Ogni calciatore che veste questa maglia deve sentirsi da una parte onorato, dall’altra fortemente responsabile per ciò che rappresenta” (Every footballer who wears this shirt must feel on the one hand honoured, on the other strongly responsible for what it represents).

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The Spezia Calcio 23/24 third shirt is available on both the Spezia Calcio and Kappa channels.