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Ezeta Complete Vesta Calcio Set With Home & Third Shirts

Completing the 2023 season set for non-league Italian side Vesta Calcio, Ezeta have revealed the club’s new home and third shirts, which both continue the sacred fire theme that is integral to the Vesta identity.

Design house Ezeta recently announced a new partnership with Italian minnows, Vesta Calcio by unveiling of the club’s new away shirt back at the beginning of December. Now they complete the set with the home and third shirt options, which both arrive with equally deep and sumptuous designs, picking up where the aforementioned away shirt left off in building a strong visual identity for the club that would have many top-tier sides throughout the world swooning.

ezeta 12-min.jpg
ezeta 13-min.jpg

For those unaware, Vesta Calcio compete in the first division of the Lazio League in Rome. Their name is taken from the Roman goddess Vesta (naturally), goddess of the hearth, and her high priestesses had the task of keeping the sacred fire burning. And it is from here that all three designs draw inspiration. While the away shirt design was inspired by the temple dedicated to Vesta, located in Tivoli (where the photoshoot for the jersey took place, incidentally), the home shirt is more directly influenced by the eternal flame itself, that which forms the club crest. The flame design dominates the entire look, spreading across in a fiery rage, bordered on collar and cuffs by black. 

ezeta 6-min.jpg
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For the third shirt, the influence is the sketch of the Piranesi Architectural Temple, as drawn by the famous neoclassical architect Giovanni Battista Piranesi. The geometric pattern repeats in black across the whole orange base of the shirt. The Vesta logo is found in the centre of each circular graphic element in correspondence with the place where the sacred fire was placed in history.

ezeta 3-min.jpg
ezeta 2-min.jpg
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The new Vesta Calcio home, away and third shirts are available at

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