Photographer Alessandro Lupelli expertly captured the new SS Calcio Bari 23/24 home shirt for Kappa recently, presenting it in a striking lookbook that frames the shirt in all of the identity of the club’s home city.

In recent seasons, Kappa have excelled in presenting the kits of their teams in creative lookbooks,  usually shot in and around landmarks from the city’s that the clubs call home. It was a treatment rolled out for the likes of Monaco, Real Betis and Genoa, amongst others, and now SS Calcio Bari are the latest side to find their new shirt in focus, with local photographer, Alessandro Lupelli recruited to capture the very essence of the port city.

bari 14-min.jpg
bari 8-min.jpg

Sitting on the coast of the Adriatic Sea, Bari is the capital of southern Italy’s Puglia region. Its mazelike old town, Barivecchia, occupies a headland between two harbours, and this forms a key part of the fishing culture of the city, something Kappa have drawn upon in the past. The new look book pays homage to the social contexts that represent Bari and its people, with the shirt immersed in the authentic environments that define the city, presenting it as a vibrant reflection of Bari’s identity.

bari 7-min.jpg
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The shirt itself arrives in the club’s traditional white and red, with the former as the base colour and the latter taking on accent duties, playing through the collar, cuffs and hem, then most notably through that dual stripe that runs through the centre, which features a tonal graphic. It’s broken for the sponsor to sit, with the “Casillo” wording falling in line with the red for a suitable visage. For the look book, a sponsor-less version of the shirt was used, offering up and even cleaner take on the design.

bari 5-min.jpg
bari 6-min.jpg
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bari 3-min.jpg

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