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Our Top 10 Third Shirts Of The 23/24 Season

The recent releases of Athens Kallithea and Roma’s third shirts all but complete’s the 23/24 season’s European third kit releases (barring the odd straggler), and *spoiler* both feature on our Top 10 Third Shirts of the Season list, a collection of shirts that is dominated by Kappa and adidas.

As we all know, home shirts can be a little tame at times, unadventurous and often constrained by traditions and expectations. Despite that, we managed to pick out a fairly decent Top 10 recently if we do say so ourselves. Away shirts get to be a little more adventurous in terms of design (as evidenced by our Top 10 in that category), but it’s often the third shirts where the shackles really come off. As such, compiling a Top 10 Third Shirts list is often the toughest task of the lot, and this year was no different, with several great designs missing out. One thing’s clear though – Kappa and adidas are comfortably leading the way.

third 5-min.jpg
third 20-min.jpg

10. Ajax

While you probably wouldn't get much kick back from saying that this shirt isn't quite up to the standard of the 21/22 third shirt (not many shirts are, in fairness...) this is still another strong entry in the Ajax x adidas catalogue. 

third 2-min.jpg
third 16-min.jpg

9. Venezia

What's interesting about Venezia's kit set for the 23/24 season is that, since release, they've introduced a sponsor – a big departure from what they've presented in the last couple of years. But, we'll judge this effort on its launch presentation, and on that basis, this unique design deserves its place on the list.

ucl kit debuts 1-min.jpg
ucl kit debuts 8-min.jpg

8. PSG

The power combo that is PSG x Jordan delivers once again, this time with the Jumpman utilising the iconic elephant print, intimately connected with the brand throughout the world since its appearance in 1988, on a football jersey for the first time.

third 7-min.jpg
third 19-min.jpg

7. Manchester City

Acting as a nice nod to the traditional colours of the team, Man City's third shirt features electric bolts on a black base, suggestive of the sheer force of this team – something that was evident last season when they scooped an incredibly impressive treble of Premier League, FA Cup and Champions League.

third 6-min.jpg
third 18-min.jpg

6. Napoli

Into their third year of partnership, and EA7 have really hit their stride with the current Serie A champions. This sleek yet elegant third shirt lines up alongside the home and away shirts for a very strong set.

third 8-min.jpg
third 14-min.jpg

5. Fiorentina

Into the Top 5, and Fiorentina have been blessed by Kappa with a beautiful set that sees the lily as a running theme. Still don't see the logic of having a purple home and third shirt, but when they look this good, logic be damned!

third 1-min.jpg
third 13-min.jpg

4. Monaco

Another team that have hugely benefitted from Kappa's elevated output this season, and this Monaco shirt perfectly balances the iconic diagonal of the club's identity with its geographical placing on the Mediterranean coast.

athens 8-min.jpg
third 15-min.jpg

3. Athens Kallithea

Having established themselves as spiritual contemporaries with Venezia last season, an argument could be made that Athens Kallithea's 23/24 kit set has actually surpassed that of the Italian side, and this third shirt is possibly the pinnacle. 

third 4-min.jpg
third 12-min.jpg

2. Manchester United

Manchester United's home shirt for this season was a solid release, and while the away shirt was divisive, the third shirt hit all the right notes. That simplistic, clean presentation ensuring all eyes are on that stripped back club crest. Superb.

third 3-min.jpg
third 11-min.jpg

1. Roma

Never going to be anything other, was it? Roma and adidas have got off to a flier this season, rekindling their relationship from the the early 90s with three absolutely beautiful kits that lean into the essence of the city itself. And this third shirt is possibly the best of the three.

Honourable mentions for Arsenal, Lazio, Genoa, Inter, and Leeds.

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