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'Italian Champions' Fiorentina Women shot by Scott Dukes

Flying on the shoulder and capturing the moments when the Fiorentina Women's Team were crowned champions of Italy, photographer Scott Dukes bottles the energy a documents proceedings. That iconic purple donned in match winning fashion, it's another showcase for the female game that maintains momentum in going from strength to strength.

Across Europe and indeed the world, the Women's game is flourishing. Rightly so, the female game now shares the spotlight with that of the men's game and from Olympique Lyonnais, to Man City, to Fiorentina - there is world class talent on the pitch in an abundance. In the shape of Fiorentina Women's FC, quite remarkably they are a team that was only founded in 2015. Making history in two sensationally short seasons, their 2-0 victory over Tavagnacco on Saturday saw the side lift their first Scudetto. A humble backdrop though with solid vocal support none the less, it provides an inspired scene for what has the making for a female side that can challenge at the very top of the European scene.

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Remarkably, despite only being founded in 2015 - the Fiorentina Women's FC were actually their first of their kind in Italy. The first female side in the country to be associated with a male equivalent in the shape of the Fiorentina Men's team. Common place in England, Germany and France - the Italian sides are following suit and it gives great hope for the future of the female game across the country and indeed Europe. More emphasis, more of the stage and ultimately more time to shine.

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A documentary style that captures those final, match winning scenes as well as the sidelined support, the work of Scott Dukes is strong and sophisticated. Those finer details of the iconic Fiorentina badge placed on a timeless Le Coq Sportif kit through to the generations who watch on in support of their freshly labelled champions. Heroic.

You can see more work from Scott here. That Fiorentina shirt? Head here.


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