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New Balance & Roma Pay Tribute To The Club’s Origins With The Legacy Collection

Paying tribute to the club’s origins, New Balance and AS Roma have revealed the ‘Legacy Collection’, which takes on the colours of the iconic kit of Società Sportiva Alba, one of the founding clubs of the Italian giants.

AS Roma was founded back in 1927 with the merger of three clubs. Società Sportiva Alba-Audace was one of those clubs, hailing from the Flaminio area of Rome, and they were founded in 1907. Now the club has been refounded as Alba Roma 1907 by 42-year-old Daniele Gabriele alongside Alfredo Di Vasta and Angelo Busa and is an amateur football team based in the capital, and they recently popped up on our radar thanks to some amazing new kits from design house, Ezeta. Now, AS Roma pay tribute to their roots with their own collection, courtesy of New Balance.

roma 2-min.jpg
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Alba-Audace’s kit was green, interrupted by a large horizontal white band, and originally, the front was made of three different pieces sewn together. It was an iconic look for the time, and New Balance and Roma lean into it for the ‘Legacy Collection’, which features a green jersey with a white band across the chest inspired by the iconic kit of Società Sportiva Alba. Added to this are two pre-game garments, both expressions of an aesthetic that combines tradition with modern elements. Like this season's third kit, the replica version of the Legacy strip features a holographic badge which alternates between the circular crest and the crest with a she-wolf and ASR monogram.

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