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Ezeta Complete Alba Roma 1907 22/23 Set With Away & Third Shirts

Continuing to honour the tradition of the historic club, Ezeta reveal the away and third shirts for Alba Roma 1907, completing the club’s set for 22/23 and marking the non-league minnows out as one of the best dressed in the game.

You may not have heard of Alba Roma 1907 before, and that’s fair enough. But following the reveal of their home and goalkeeper jerseys last week they may well have popped up on your radar. They arrived courtesy of Italian design studio Ezeta, and they now complete the set with the away and third shirts, the former of which once again follows in the deep-rooted traditions of this historic club.

alba roma 3-min.jpg
alba roma 5-min.jpg

Società Sportiva Alba-Audace, also known as Alba Roma, was an Italian football club from the Flaminio area of Rome, founded in 1907. The club was most noted for competing in the early Italian Football Championship competitions, before becoming one of three Rome based clubs merging to form AS Roma in 1927. They were reformed in 2020 and now play in the Terza Categoria in the Italian lower leagues, so these jerseys probably transcend any support you may have for the team themselves, becoming lifestyle pieces that nod to AS Roma’s history. 

The original club’s home shirt was green with a large white horizontal stripe in the middle, created from three separate pieces of fabric stitched together, and that was recreated for the new shirt. Likewise, the Away shirt was traditionally a red with white sleeves, similar to Arsenal, and Ezeta recreate this look for a contemporary look that also acts as the perfect homage.

alba roma 2-min.jpg
alba roma 4-min.jpg

As with the home and goalkeeper shirts, the entire design of both the away and third shirts then feature an overlay graphic of the club crest repeated over and over, while gold details in the branding, crest and “Alba Roma 1907” wording, which takes position of a traditional sponsor, gives a finish fitting of the club’s history.

The third shirt features a combination of colours from the home and goalkeepers shirts, with a black base overlaid with the crest graphic in that deep green. Altogether, a pretty striking kit set.

alba roma 6-min.jpg
alba roma 8-min.jpg

The Alba Roma 1907 shirts from Ezeta are available at

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