Taking focus on a lower league club that has its roots deep in the Italian capital city, Ezeta Design have created striking home and keeper shirts for Alba Roma 1907, paying respects to the traditions of the historic club.

In amongst all the new club shirts dropping for the new season, this is a nice little twist: Italian designers Ezeta have produced a stunning new home shirt and keeper shirt for a club that no longer exists... well, sort of. OK, so there is a side called Alba Roma 1907 that plays in the Terza Categoria in the Italian lower leagues, and they will be wearing this, but these shirts are more than that; it’s linked to the history of the club, and that history is engrained in Italian football. Ready for a brief history lesson? Here goes.

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So Società Sportiva Alba-Audace was an Italian football club from the Flaminio area of Rome, founded in 1907. The club was most noted for competing in the early Italian Football Championship competitions, before becoming one of three Rome based clubs merging to form AS Roma in 1927. Their kit was green, interrupted by a large horizontal white band, and originally, the front was made of three different pieces sewn together. The round shape of the club crest, originally designed in 1907, has stood the test of time, appearing today as modern in its execution. The Capitoline Wolf was depicted on the original historic crest, which then became the symbol of AS Roma after the fusion. So one Roma fans can feel proud of, but that anyone can surely appreciate.

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What we get here then is a beautiful homage to a team that is part of the very foundations of AS Roma. The design of the home shirt pays homage to the historic jersey of the early 1900s, recreating the look with a carefully selected shade of green with that iconic horizontal stripe on the chest which divides the front into three. The entire design then features an overlay design of the club crest repeated over and over, while gold details in the branding, crest and “Alba Roma 1907” wording, which takes position of a traditional sponsor, gives a finish fitting of the club’s history.

Where the home shirt honours the rich history of the club in arriving in their traditional colours of green with a white band, for the goalkeeper shirt we see black separated by green, which ties nicely with the collar and cuffs. 

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