Arriving with a midseason refresh, ready for when the World Cup finishes and the Premier League hiatus is lifted, Adidas have supplied Arsenal with a new training and prematch range, and it’s headlined by a familiar look…

Arsenal are the first team to reveal what is now a traditional seasonal update to the training wardrobe, with a combination of collegiate navy, off white (the colour, not the brand) and magenta being the order of the day, spread across the usual selection of tees, drill tops, pants, shorts and jackets. But the standout piece that may raise some eyebrows in certain quarters, is the striking new prematch shirt.

arsenal 3-min.jpg
arsenal 1-min.jpg

The prematch shirt arrives in an official colourway of “Collegiate Navy/Team Real Magenta/Sky Rush”, and that combination alone instantly conjures images of the club’s iconic 95-96 away kit, but it’s presented with that magenta streaking down the centre in a lightning bolt form. Not wholly a problem on its own, but that OG shirt was produced by Nike...

Of course, adidas already homaged that shirt to a certain extent with the 21/22 thirds shirt, drawing inspiration from its design to create something new. This new prematch shirt, however, feels a little on the nose, despite how great it looks. 

That lightning bolt design and colour combo spills out onto a brilliant reversible anthem jacket that’s another standout piece from the collection. It sees one side in navy, with horizontal lightning bolts, with the other side in the lighter "Sky Rush" blue with magenta accents on the branding. The rest of the collection, which forms the brunt of the actual training wear, sees a dominant use of white, accompanied by the magenta and navy in smaller hits. the collection will be worn by both the men's and women's teams going forward. 

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