Ahead of their Premier League return this evening against Manchester City, Arsenal have been training in their new 20/21 training collection from adidas, and it’s now available for purchase. The collection sees a split of “Yellow Tint” across numerous items, with a “Tech Indigo” colouring covering the rest.

Arsenal have been stepping up their preparations for the return of football, with a belter against Manchester City acting as the curtain raiser to the long-awaited second half of the season. Mikel Arteta up against his old mentor Pep Guardiola? Oh go on then. And this week they decided to debut their new training collection from adidas for the 20/21 season thanks to the obvious reworking of the timetable.

arsenal 3-min.jpg

The collection sees a fairly even split of colourings, with the first half comprised of tees and training tops that take on a predominantly “Yellow Tint” look. They feature blue stripes down the left sleeve, and pink down the right, with the club logo and adidas logo split in similar fashion.

The second half of the collection is comprised of outwear, so your jackets, tops and shorts, and it sees a “Tech Indigo” colouring take on the dominant role, but again, with the same flashes of pink and – in an inversion of the first half – yellow details.

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