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adidas Launch Arsenal 22/23 Third Shirt

Completing their set and going pink for the first time ever, adidas launch the Arsenal 22/23 third shirt. The design sees a return of the iconic Ermine pattern, first seen on the club’s crest in the late 1940s.

The Premier League returns to action in exactly one week’s time, and Crystal Place and Arsenal will get the show underway with a Friday night kick off. Dressed for the occasion, it will also be in this moment that the Gunners will debut their new third shirt from adidas, the first time that the club will wear a pink kit on pitch in their history (not including keeper’s kits, smart arses).

arsenal 2-min.jpg
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Arsenal and adidas’s recent legacy of outstanding kits has rolled right on into this season, with the returning collar on the home shirt and a black and bronze number for the away. And they are now joined by a unique look in the league, with a “Clear Pink” colour covering the base of the new third shirt. It’s completed with navy and clear blue trims on the collar, with the navy travelling down the shoulders’ Three Stripes. 

Then, within the body is the Ermine pattern. Now, for those that didn’t know (and why would most normal people know) Ermine in heraldry is a "fur", a type of tincture, consisting of a white background with a pattern of black shapes representing the winter coat of the stoat. Bet you didn’t realise you were going to learn stuff on a Friday morning when you clicked to read about Arsenal’s new third shirt, so there you go. Here though, the Ermine pattern is lifted straight from the club’s crests of old, repeated throughout the body of the design.

Sure, this one won't be for everyone, but it's yet another standout design that's bespoke for the North London side. The shirt will be combined with navy shorts and pink socks.

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Pick up the Arsenal 22/23 third shirt at

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