It’s been almost two months since Arsenal’s last pre-match and training wear release, and so, with it being long overdue, adidas launch a new anthem, pre-match and training wear collection, finally freshening up that tired two month-old look with a new style. The Gunners debuted the new look ahead of their 4-1 Europa League win over Molde last night.

We know what you’re thinking: how many training and pre-match collections does one club need? Well if you’re Arsenal it appears that the answer is at least four as, by our count, this latest release is already the Gunners’ fourth of the 20/21 season, following on from the first in June, another in July, and one more in September. With the season still in its relative infancy, we wouldn’t count on it being the last either. But when they all look as good as they do, with adidas continuing the fine form of their Arsenal on-pitch shirts from the last two seasons, then why not?

arsenal 7-min.jpg
arsenal 6-min.jpg

The latest training and pre-match collection is comprised of an anthem jacket, a pre-match shirt, and a training top. Both the pre-match shirt and the training top feature the same deep red base with overlaid black graphic covering the whole shirt. The graphic almost looks like a series of gothic lettering, but we’ve been staring at it for a good hour now and we’re none the wiser as to what it could say, and instead all we’ve got to show for our time is the onset of a migraine. Still a smart look that brings some retro 90s vibes to the table. The look is finished off with the famous club crest, recoloured in a lighter red and white to allow it to contrast with the overall design.

arsenal 5-min.jpg
arsenal 4-min.jpg

The final item in the collection is a new anthem jacket, which takes a base teal green colouring and accents it with hits of pink, with the faded execution on the Three Stripes running down the shoulders and sleeves particularly standing out. The inclusion of the pink is reminiscent of the last training wear update from September, lending the collection some nice continuity.

Further training wear items fill out the collection in a base blue, and the continuity is once again seen with the same colour accents as the yellow kit from back in June featuring again. The items include an all-weather rain jacket, another presentation jacket, a drill top and tees, ensuring all bases are covered on the training ground.

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The latest Arsenal anthem, pre-match & training wear collection is available at