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adidas Launch Argentina 2021 Home Shirt

Preparing for a year of international competition ahead, adidas have launched the new Argentina 2021 home shirt, with an elaborate camouflage graphic in the blue stripes separating the design from previous iterations. The shirt will be worn throughout the 2022 World Cup qualifiers as well as at the Copa America finals this summer.

We’ve said it before, but creating fresh designs for home kits is never going to be easy. You have to at once appease the traditionalists whilst also offering something fresh and new. For Argentina, that means a new sublimated graphic that runs through the blue stripes of the jersey. But there’s more to the stripes than first meets the eye…

Adidas’ campaign recently has all been about “Unity”; seeking to reflect the union that football generates around the world, both in the game and in the stadiums and on the streets. In Argentina, from Ushuaia to La Quiaca, football transcends the borders of each Argentine province reaching each of its corners and lending support to the national team. Blue and white horizontal stripes – pretty standard. But for the 2021 version of the Argentina shirt, adidas have tweaked the blue and white vertical striped look, incorporating a graphic that looks like a camouflage design. But in actuality, that design is an elaborate pattern that represents the regions of Argentina. Nice touch.

argentina 4.jpg
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The new Argentina 2021 home shirt will be available at from 30 March.

Daniel Jones

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