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Nike Drop Club Olimpia 2022 Third Shirt

Inspired by the mythical Forest of Para Uno, Nike launch the Club Olimpia 2022 Third Shirt. The kit was unveiled by Club Olimpia’s women’s team, marking the first time that that has happened for a sports club in Paraguay’s history.

As the battle for equality rages on across the globe, Paraguayan side Club Olimpia are taking big strides towards levelling the playing field. As part of this they have chosen their women’s side to unveil the new club third shirt for the 2022 season, marking a milestone in the country’s history, as they are the first professional sports team to do so.

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The Nike Club Olimpia 2022 third shirt takes Nike's Trophy IV template in green, but embellishes the base design with hits of gold throughout, popping on sponsor, branding and club crest. The shirt itself features a collar and a sublimated triangular pattern across the body. The green colour is in homage to the mythical Forest of Paraguay, which dominates almost half of the landscape. 

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The Club Olimpia 2022 Third Shirt will be available in the coming days from

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