Club America’s unbelievable looks keep on coming, this time in the form of a striking prematch shirt for the 21/22 season, once again produced by technical partners, Nike.

South of the border, down Mexico way, there appear to be few rules and conventions with which to hinder shirt design. Tradition is something that is ingrained in the club; it is not something that should get in the way of a good jersey. And leaders in that field are Club America, with Nike backing them up, providing some of the best shirts from recent seasons. That’s something that has continued this season, with the club’s new away shirt, but now they’ve got one of the best and most unique looking prematch shirts in the game.

CA 1-min.jpg
CA 2-min.jpg

The Club America 21/22 prematch shirt sees a floral graphic running across the whole jersey. One step away from being just a full-blown Hawaiian shirt in football form, the design is unlike anything else in the game. Sure, it’s restricted to prematch only at this moment in time, but give those Mexicans a bit of time…

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