Inspired by the history and future of the club and Mexico City, Nike launch the Club América 23/24 home and away shirts.

Ready for the Liga MX 23/24 season, and following on from the 2023 third shirt, which was released back in January, Nike kit Club América out in their new home and away shirts for the coming campaign. First up, the home shirt takes over from the 22/23 option with a design that’s inspired by the iconic architecture of Mexico City. It features a striking red-and-blue digital pattern across the shoulders, while the predominantly yellow jersey is elevated with hidden details that showcase the club's beloved nickname. The club crest is enlarged and placed centrally on the chest, ensuring focus is drawn to it.

For the new away shirt, taking the baton from the 22/23 version, it’s all about that collar and cuff combo. It takes a bold step with a predominantly blue colour scheme, not unlike what came before, however, it’s enhanced by vibrant accents of yellow and red along the collar and sleeves. This brilliant combination adds a dynamic flair to the design, capturing attention. The idea here is that the club is embracing the future while staying true to its rich heritage. Not arguing there.

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The Club America 23/24 home and away kits are available at