Copa Libertadores champions Palmeiras were able to give their new home shirt from PUMA a winning start, debuting it in the 3-0 win over Ponte Preta. The shirt design pays tribute to the 80th anniversary of ‘Arrancada Heroica’ – the forced change of name for the club that occurred in 1942.

Brazilian side Palmeiras debuted their new 2022 home shirt from PUMA in their match against Ponte Preta, and it’s fair to say that it looks a little different once all the additional sponsor logos are added, not to mention that shiny new golden badge that calls out their Copa Libertadores win from last year. We’ll give them that one though. As is often the case though in Central and South America, shirts are overloaded with sponsors, more often than not detracting from what are some great designs.

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The shirt itself features a design that pays tribute to the ‘Arrancada Heroica’, when Palmeiras changed its name from Palestra Italia (the club had Italian origins) to Sociedad Esportiva Palmeiras in 1942. This was because of the Second World War and the fact Brazil, ruled by then-President Getúlio Vargas, declared war on the "Axis" countries (Germany, Italy and Japan), aligning with the allies. There was a lot of pressure on the club to change its name, not least from city rivals, São Paulo. Coincidently, it was São Paulo that Palmeiras had to play in their very next game (the first with their new name) and it just so happened that a win would seal the title for the newly named side. Well, you can guess what happened, right? Palmeiras ran out 3-1 winners, and the rest is history. Football, eh? Full of great stories.

The shirt (without all the trimmings of match day sponsors) features the Alviverde’s classic green base, bordered by white details in the collar, cuffs, sponsor and branding. A sublimated palm tree pattern (Palmeiras is palm tree in Portuguese, in case you didn’t know) then features throughout the body. Right, think you’ve learnt enough for today. You’re now free to just admire this beautiful shirt.

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