PUMA have unveiled the 2020 home and away shirts for Sociedade Esportiva Palmeiras under the campaign “Uma Camisa com História” (A Shirt with History), with designs that feature two unique prints inspired by the club’s Italian immigrant origins, celebrating the history of what is now one of the biggest football fanbases in Brazil.

The Palmeiras 2020/21 home and away shirts – but particularly the green home shirt – are reminiscent of the recent Italy Renaissance kit – and that’s not by chance, with the design being inspired by the Italian immigrants on their way to Brazil in the early 1900’s.  Specifically, the design is directly inspired by the handbook that Italian immigrants received on their way to Brazil. PUMA created two unique prints exclusively for Palmeiras, one for each model, with references to the historical document and the club.

palmeiras 1-min.jpg

The design on each shirt sees the subtle renaissance-esque sublimated floral graphics throughout the body, with the letter ‘P’ of Palmeiras incorporated within. The same template is used on each, with the colourings inverted, so the green home shirt is accompanied by white detailing, while the white away shirt features green detailing. The word 'Avanti' (Italian for 'forward') is written on the upper back of the jersey above the green, white and red of the Italian flag for what is a further nod to the heritage of the club.

palmeiras 3-min.jpg

Fabio Kadow, PUMA Brasil marketing director said: “The PUMA campaign was created to highlight Palmeiras origin, seeking an even deeper history value. We talked about the immigrant, without referring only to the Italian origin, but rather celebrating it’s approximation with our country and the joint construction of a giant club.

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The Palmeiras 2020 home and away shirts are available now at palmeirasstore.com