Paying tribute to the supporters, Umbro Brasil launch the Gremio 21/22 third shirt, which features a wild tonal blue graphic and a traditional collar. The shirt is expected to debut in the Copa do Brasil Quarter Final against Flamengo on 16 September.

Taking a walk on the wild side, Umbro have produced a beautifully bespoke design for Brazilian Serie A side Gremio. The design is inspired by the fans, with small details included as a homage to them. The main look takes the club’s traditional blue colours and skews it through a modern graphic treatment that covers the whole body, built up from multiple diamonds. The idea behind that is that each diamond represents a fan and that all of them together are what gives the team its strengh.

gremio 4-min.jpg
gremio 2-min.jpg

The blue hues are complemented with dark navy accents adding depth and finish, notably on the cuffs and that classic collar, which also features the official acronym of the club, “GFBPA” for a tidy finish. The sponsor, branding and club crest all appear in contrasting white, along with some side piping detail. Inserted into the collar is an image that captures the moment of fans celebrating at a game in the Arena do Grêmio.

gremio 3-min.jpg
gremio 5-min.jpg

The Gremio 21/22 third shirt is available at