Finally, after an unprecedented five year wait since the last edition, the EURO 2020 kick off is right around the corner, and Football Fever is building to a crescendo, with Three Lions and World In Motion playing on loop. Adding to the hype, we have rounded up the best shirts set to be on display on the pitches across Europe, from wild away designs, to some reinventions on traditional home looks.

24 teams are ready to play across 11 cities in 11 UEFA countries, and each arrives with two kits a-piece, and not a garish sponsor in sight. It’s been quite the wait for EURO 2020, but with an array of fresh designs to admire it’s already been worth it. So before a ball has even been kicked, we’re handing out the awards for best dressed; this is our Top 15 shirts from EURO 2020.

euro 11-min.jpg

15. Turkey Away

We could've easily chosen either the home or away shirt for Turkey, with the same execution in terms of design that saw the chest band joined by the centralised and stripped back crest. Plumped for the away for the different tones of red.


euro 9-min.jpg

14. Wales Home

All about the cuff detail for Wales. An other wise clean if unadventurous design is instantly promoted thanks to the inclusion of that simple finish, which uses the colour palette inspired by the shield of Owain Glyndwr. Yeah, we don't know who he is either, but obviously means something to the Welsh among us.

euro 3-min.jpg

13. England Away

Little bit retro thanks to that collar, but also bringing something fresh to the table for England fans, the away shirt features an all-over graphic on that blue base. Red accents then give it a final flourish. Still waiting for an England shirt that really hits all the right chords, but in the mean time this'll do nicely.


euro 15-min.jpg

12. Portugal Home

The reigning champs come in with a classy retro spin on their home shirt. Simple yet effective, the classic red is joined by gold details worthy of the teams status, while the collar and cuff combo is as tidy as you like.


euro 5-min.jpg

11. Finland Home

Hard not to like a shirt that unapologetically uses the nation's flag as its inspiration. EURO 2020 marks the first time that Finland has ever qualified for a major tournament, giving that white shirt and blue cross on their jersey extra meaning.

euro 14-min.jpg

10. Austria Home

Old school Arsenal? Never a bad thing, and PUMA have fully embraced the look for Austria's home shirt, introducing a subtle graphic that's inspired by the Vienna Secession art nouveau style movement of the late 19th century. Knew you'd appreciate that.


euro 8-min.jpg

9. Germany Home

One of the older kits on the list, having been launched way back in November 2019 in time for when EURO 2020 should have been. But its age does not detract from what is a fine reinvention of the German's home look, thanks to the inclusion of those horizontal pinstripes, presented in the hand painted execution that was the theme at the time.


euro 17-min.jpg

8. Sweden Away

Would be higher if it weren't for the combo with those yellow shorts – on that note, see also Austria Away in how to drag down a perfectly good design. Shame, because the pinstripe execution is superb, using the yellow of the home kit on that navy base. Definitely worthy of a top 10 place.


euro 16-min.jpg

7. Holland Away

The Netherlands just ooze class, whether it's on the pitch or off it, and Nike have given them a sleek away setup. Inverting the classic home look, the away shirt sees black as the dominant colour, with accents of orange flashing through the side stripes, collar, branding, crest and numbering. Just flows into the shorts as well.


euro 1-min.jpg

6. Portugal Away

Bit of a marmite one, this. You're either going to love it or hate it, but we're firmly in the former camp. The use of the nation's classic colours in those bold bands... yep, all for it. Set's Portugal up in a cracking home and away combo.


euro 6-min.jpg

5. Slovakia Away

The Slovakia Away shirt offers something completely fresh, with that bold sublimated graphic enveloping the whole design. So wild it almost looks more like a prematch shirt, but that's no bad thing in our opinion; would love to see more of that brave design approach making its way on to the pitch.

euro 4-min.jpg

4. Holland Home

Completing a smart home and away combo for the Netherlands, the Holland home shirt sees the classic Orange colouring with black trim, as you'd expect. But then Nike have ramped it up by integrating the KNVB’s lion directly into the knitting structure of the kit for what is a first-of-its-kind development in football. Unique and completely Dutch.


euro 13-min.jpg

3. Italy Home

The new Italy home shirt continues the ‘Crafted by Culture’ design theme utilised for the former Away and Renaissance jerseys, with a stunning pattern integrated into the jersey design. It reinterprets the luxurious Renaissance patterns of the past into a modern geometric graphic, tonally incorporated into the famous Azzurri shirt. Proper class.


euro 7-min.jpg

2. Germany Away

Ah, if only this didn't have to have white numbers! The design saw the inclusion of charcoal-grey coloured branding and crest detailing, making the shirt appear almost completely devoid of colour, barring the subtle German black-red-gold flag colours on the sleeve cuffs. So good without the white numbers, which just stick out like a sore thumb, robbing this of a top place finish.


euro 2-min.jpg

1. France Home

The French will once again play with a red band stretching proudly across the chest of its home kit, just as they did back in 1998. It's a great throwback that also celebrates the best of contemporary French streetwear and art. Best dressed and probably the team to beat on the pitch as well.


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